About us

STYRAB was established 1995 by Kent Eriksson, a hard-working manager eager to provide solid solutions for facility automation. Since then, the company have been participating in projects

beyond our imagination. With enthusiasm and a portfolio filled with knowledge we are prepared for future demands. Our work is mainly performed in Stockholm Sweden where the journey started almost 30 years ago.


We make the best of every piece!


Today STYRAB has the know how of a Masters of Science. We have been working with avionics, heavy transportation, process automation and nuclear industry. Our focus for the last five years has been to develop unique equipment for manufacturing and testing e-mobility products. 


Our main competences:


  • Identify suitable tests for product development and production quality assurance  
  • Design and develop production and test equipment
  • High and Low electrical voltage measurement applications
  • Sensors to data evaluation for performance prediction


All our test equipment meets safety regulations and will be CE marked when requested.